We are extending the submission deadline another 2 weeks! The new official deadline is 1 September 2017.
     We accept submissions of artworks and texts (specifically text-based art, conceptual writing and poetry, theoretical essays). This 2nd issue is loosely based around issues of the archive.
     To submit, please send an email with your work attached to documntmag@gmail.com. If your work is image(s), some accompanying text is usually helpful.
Thanks! We will be in contact in the first weeks of September.

— DOCUMNT Editors



Please email submissions to documntmag@gmail.com

For DOCUMNT2 we are looking for artworks and essays toward a broader understanding of the archive. The question of the “artist’s document” and “how to do things with docs” has led to issues re: how they (documents) are collected, arranged, stored and accessed, and by whom. Shifting from a closed up hermetic space to our current practice of everyday archiving, over the past three decades the archive has been exploding, both discursively and technologically. Never have we scrutinized more what things were, can and will be objects of archivation – the same goes for once allegedly well defined topics like curation, representation and accessibility.
      Related to this are questions of changes in materiality and temporality pushed by digitalization: what is the (embodied) materiality of the digital? What ecological challenges are attached, and what are the new limits of object, picture, and text? Seeing the archive as an inventory of pasts, we have the opportunity to question these pasts and their construction as well as the amount of past that is being memorized. What does this mean for our present time and what will be the impact on future times?
      Setting up this rough framework we are encouraging artists and writers to think on the archive in contexts like (new) materialism, race, class and gender, psychoanalysis, biopolitics and -technology. We welcome your submissions until August.

Thank you,